Learn how to feel alive & healthy again!

Achieving your goals
should not be a fight!


It’s not your fault
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Does THIS sound like you?

If your answer is YES

let me tell you something…

A lot of people are experiencing the same struggles.
Sometimes, even with healthy habits, our bodies need extra support.

WHY? Because everyone is  unique. 

What’s healthy for someone
may not be healthy for you.

It’s challenging to maintain balance in today’s busy world. Everyone has different priorities and surroundings in life. We see results in other people. We want to achieve the same. So we try to follow their paths, their routines, their secret recipe. 

What we didn’t know:

trying to implement habits of others
may be counterproductive for us! 

We’re trying to run someone else’s path to reach our own goal! We do everything exactly as they tell us but it doesn’t work. So we push more and more, trying to combine the healthiest diets, adding extra hours in the gym… only to feel exhausted at the end. 

Here’s the REAL secret 👇 

Work smarter, not harder! 

 A rule that you can apply not only to your job, but to your whole life!  

 A rule that you can apply not only to your job, but to your whole life!  

Melanie doing the tree yoga pose on the beach

 That doesn’t mean you should be lazy. Quite the opposite!  

Success is not about doing more.
It's about doing the right things!

So it’s important to find the right things for you!

Only habits that fit you will make you feel alive and make you achieve health and energy.

And this is how my method is different…

Achieve more with less!

 That doesn’t mean you
should be lazy.
Quite the opposite!

Forget about generic plans copied and pasted from someone else’s path.

There’s no such a thing as a plan for everyone!

We are going to work together to find your personal unique journey. ☀️

HOW DOES my method WORK?

Personal Analysis

First step, I need to know you! Through 1:1 calls and questionnaires we are going to set the foundation of the checkup.

Data Collection

Through tests and analysis we’ll detect the things that are not helpful for you and eliminate what’s not working. We get to know your body, mind and life.

Taking Action

With those results, we’ll be able to identify the key to your energy. Activating your core engine allows us to set a foundation where all your goals start to synchronise.

Your Guidelines

Instead of delivering a plan, you will get a GUIDELINE. Something you can apply and adapt whenever circumstances in life change.

The Final Goal

The final result is reaching your goals by getting to know yourself what works best for you! And I’ll be by your side during the whole process 🙂

But wait! before we move on,

let me give you a quick introduction about myself:

Hi, I’m Melanie
Hi, I’m Melanie




All my life I was aiming to optimise myself.
For a long time, I worked hard to follow the perfect diet, have a fit body, get the best results at university and live a fulfilling social life as well.


So instead of living my best life, I was unsatisfied, I wasn’t
achieving these results. I was stressed all the time, to the point where I developed enormous health issues as well.
Melanie in a stretching exercise on the beach

It took me over 10 years to realise that no prescribed plan in the world can help me feel good and be healthy!

It took me more than 10 years to realise that there’s no prescribed plan in the world

that can help me to feel good and to be healthy!



Is not all about calories!! Checking my blood with specific tests I know now what’s going on with my hormones and what my gut likes as well… healthy!


Working out for hours only at the gym never worked well for me. What keeps me motivated is adventure and discovery, so I stepped out of the system and created a lifestyle I love!


Questioning what I know already and being open for new ideas, helped me open my mind to meditation and visualisation, and to see how those disciplines can help to reach specific goals.

I’m glad I can say today that I don’t have to fight anymore.  My way to achieve my goals is simply aligned with my lifestyle.

I can live life without restrictions
following the habits that work specifically for me and finally

ENJOY every step of the process!

And so can you!




To provide personalized support, I’ll start by getting to know you. Through a detailed questionnaire and a one-on-one ses- sion, we’ll pinpoint where you are, where you want to be, and what’s essential for your long-term success. We cover aspects like nutrition, medical history, digestion, sleep, fitness and daily routines to uncover your hidden potential.
Depending on your individual status quo, we might collect some additional data through tools like: blood tests, nutritional reports, sleep tracking, etc. This allows us to get to know your body even better and to measure your success along the way. By incorpora- ting these measurements, we adopt a holistic approach, ensuring comprehensive and lasting health outcomes tailored to you.
We will analyse all your health information, focusing our efforts on the areas that will make a real difference instead of addressing everything at once. By understanding these relationships, you gain insight into your health, empowering you to make informed decisions. This report acts as your personalized roadmap, guiding you towards targeted strategies that lead to tangible progress
With this newfound clarity, you now have the solid foundation to initiate your transformative journey. I’ll equip you with a personalized, easy-to-follow guide that fulfils your desire for direction and progress. This roadmap will empower you to confidently address challenges and make measurable progress towards your defined goals.You don’t get just a plan!
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Before embarking on any long-term journey, let’s see if we are the right fit!

Book a discovery call with me
for only 25 $.

Let’s get to know each other and explore how we can achieve your goals together. Plus, receive actionable insights to propel your progress that you can implement straight away. Ready to take the first step? Book now!

What are our customers saying?👇

Nora, 33Hormone and Lifestyle Coaching
Read More
I am incredibly grateful that I decided to do the coaching with you. Despite all my knowledge about health, I could still learn a lot more about myself (self-reflection, mindset) and, above all, find inner balance/calm to deal with stress. The past 3 months have been exhausting, interesting, sometimes surprising, with AHA effects, participating in life, situation-oriented. I have grown beyond myself and set myself tasks that I would never have done on my own 🙂
Thomas, 30Mindset and Lifestyle Coaching
Read More
It was the beginning of a journey. The beginning wasn't easy and my motivation was sometimes very low at the beginning. However, that quickly changed and now I like to look back and cheekily say that those were the best 3 months of my life. Your empathy and positivity make your coaching so special! I particularly liked this feeling of being understood.
Sara, 39Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching
Read More
The time spent in the coaching with you was deeper than expected. And also exhausting to deal with myself more deeply, but that's exactly what was necessary for me.
Marion, 55Mindset and Relationship Coaching
Read More
What I particularly liked about coaching was that it was situation-oriented and flexible, tailored to my needs, good tools for working on tasks, and that I felt supported at any time.
Michael, 42Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching
Read More
The conversations were great. The material and the constant adjustment of the further steps were particularly good
Melanie walking happily in the beach at sunset

All of us have dreams, goals and the desire to improve, to achie-ve more. But at what cost❓

Feeling exhausted shouldnt be the standard!
It’s not okay to feel only okay! And it’s not your ambition to just feel average.

You thrive for more and the only thing you need to discover is your way of choosing the right steps for achieving your goals!

You thrive for more and the only thing you need to experience is that the right choices towards your goal will actually make you feel good during the whole process, not only in the end after you achieved them. If happiness isn’t part of the journey, the solution
won’t lead to the lasting results you seek.

So don’t give up on living your best life.
Let me support you to finally get out of the trap and to unveil
your full potential!👍



“The discovery call marks your first step towards transformation. We discuss your ideas, goals, and current situation to gain initial insights. You’ll learn about coaching options tailored to you, ensuring the best support. Regardless of your decision, you’ll receive personalized advice to kickstart your journey towards your goal.”

We primarily focus on key areas such as nutrition, fitness, sleep, routines, mindset, and stress management, tailored to what’s most important for you in your specific situation.

I am a certified Fitness Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Nutritionist, and Health Coach, with expertise in gut health, micronutrients, osteopathy, and ayurvedic medicine. I currently work for a holistic medical clinic, crafting personalized therapy plans for patients. My clients come from various backgrounds, including businesswomen seeking to regain their menstrual cycle and settled men seeking relief from depression. I specialize in helping individuals ready for change, focusing on understanding each person beyond their external circumstances.

My coaching packages are designed to be transparent and flexible, tailored to fit your specific needs and situation. No hidden costs or subscriptions involved.

While I typically recommend coaching packages starting from three months to ensure comprehensive support and progress, I’m always open to discussing alternative solutions that better suit your needs. The discovery call is the perfect opportunity for us to explore your goals, challenges, and preferences, allowing us to determine the best approach together. Let’s connect and find the perfect fit for you!

Absolutely! That’s exactly what we specialize in. Our coaching is tailored for busy individuals like you who need energy to thrive in their hectic lifestyles. We prioritize finding solutions that fit seamlessly into your life. While the coaching requires some time commitment, it’s the first step toward prioritizing your well-being. Our flexible scheduling accommodates life’s interruptions, ensuring we find solutions that suit your needs.

We conduct weekly one-on-one check-in video calls.

Sure, besides our calls, we also maintain communication in between through WhatsApp. This ensures that you feel supported throughout your entire journey.